How to Write a Save The Date

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Hear ye! Hear ye! There is a wedding afoot!

That’s the standard way to get the word out right? Old-timey town crier style? No? Well, if you have recently begun the wedding planning process and would like to give guests some extra time to plan before the invites are sent out, but want to get a bit fancier than a mass text or email, consider the save the date!

Save the Dates give everyone a heads-up about your upcoming nuptials, though you don’t need to worry about including every single detail. That’s what the invitation is for!

At minimum, your save the date should include:

1. the names of who is getting married or the guests of honor (if the event is not a wedding)

2. The event date, and

3. the city your wedding will happen in.

It’s ok and even normal to not include venue information, especially because save the dates are often sent out early in the wedding planning process, sometimes even before a venue is locked down. If you do have that information, feel free to include it. It is also common to include ‘invitation to follow’ on the card so that guests know more information will be forthcoming. A wedding website may be included as well if it is up, but steer clear of listing your registry on your save the date—it can go on your wedding website or details card.

The words on a save the date are usually kept pretty simple, but we’ve written a few examples to get you started. While we work with you to customize the style and copy of your card, also consider the style of the card you have chosen—some of our designs are prepared for minimal text, while others are prepared for longer, traditional wording. Each has some wiggle room but it’s worth keeping in mind what style attracted you to that card in the first place!


Please save the date of
January Fifteen, 2020
For the wedding of
René Zliber and Alex Kristoff
In Brooklyn, New York


Save the Date
Mabel Wertz and Sarah Filli
August 16, 2019
Vancouver, BC

If you want to add a bit of extra personality to your save the date, we suggest adding a simple short phrase such as:

Cheers, friends! Save our Date!

We’re getting married! You’re getting invited.

Save the date--let’s celebrate!

Shine up your dancing shoes…

We’re getting hitched!

We’re tying the knot!

Ephemora’s Marbles save the date focuses on the event’s guests of honor, with fun typography for the date and announcement.

Ephemora’s Marbles save the date focuses on the event’s guests of honor, with fun typography for the date and announcement.

When should I send out the save the dates?

It’s typical to send out save the dates 6-12 months in advance of the wedding. We’re a couple of anxious millennials, so in our book, the more time the better! Give people time to arrange for their hotels and flights—people need to score those air and hotel deals y’all!

At the same time, there isn’t much of a point to sending the save the dates out more than a year in advance—if you give too much time, it increases the chance people will lose or forget the save the date before they are ready to make their travel plans.

Do I really have to send this thing?

It’s up to you. Whether or not you need a save the date really depends on who your guests are and where they live. If you expect to have a significant portion of your guests come from out of town, as many of us now do, it is polite to send an early save the date to give them a heads up. Beyond airfares and hotels, guests may need to request time off work, budget for expenses—from travel to formal clothing and a gift off your registry—or make other arrangements. A save the date avoids the clutter of sending a series of mass emails (and hopefully prevents some notices from languishing in lost-in-spam oblivion) by including the bare minimum of information in a classy envelope for everyone to get started in the wedding hussle.

Should each guest receive a save the date?

Similar to invitations, send out one save the date per household. It may be obvious that couples can be invited together, but what about extended families? Use your own judgement about what you know about these people—is your aunt and uncle’s college-age daughter Sierra the kind of lass who checks her school mailbox regularly? If not, go ahead and include her name with her parent’s invitation (but hey, Sierra—you should really get in the habit of checking your mailbox!).

Can we send a save the date to someone we don’t plan to invite?

We’re not sure where this question first started, but we’re gonna give this one a hard no. Save the dates should only be sent to intended guests and households, so firm up your guest list before mailing. Why ask someone to “save the date” if you don’t REALLY want them to save that date?

If you want to announce your wedding to folks who could not attend or be added to your guest list, send out a wedding announcement after your event—any of Ephemora’s save the dates or invitations can be customized into a wedding announcement!

Now that you’ve got some ideas, go forth and write that Save the Date!

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