Master Post - How to Write Your Wedding Invitation Suite

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Figuring out what to say on your invitations can feel overwhelming, especially when you have opted for a multi-piece suite! There are so many bits of information to share, and of course you want your own personality to shine through so your future guests know what kind of rockin’ good time they are in for at your love celebration. For the last five weeks we’ve been sharing posts on how to write each card in your wedding suite.

Our company, Ephemora, offers semi-custom, limited-edition wedding stationery, with new collections coming out twice a year. Each suite includes Save the Dates, Invitations, Info Cards, RSVP Cards, and Thank You Cards. We work one-on-one with our clients to develop stationery wording that is reflective of their tastes, humor, and values. In this post we’ll be sharing some wording samples to get you jump-started on writing your own suite. We’ll also link to each individual blog post so you can take a deep dive if you need a bit more guidance.



The invitation is the place for you to communicate all the basic elements of your event. It should (generally) consist of these 6 parts:

  1. The Hosts

  2. The Request

  3. Guests of Honor

  4. Date & Time

  5. Location

  6. Reception

On to the examples!

You are hosting your own wedding, thankyouverymuch. It’s an ultra-modern, secular happening and you’ve chosen the sleekest invitation design to reflect that:

“Please join us to celebrate
Martha Turner
Louise Cetti
The Green Building

A formal religious ceremony:

“Dr. Francine Stewart and Mr. Joseph Aubergine
Request the honor of your presence
At the wedding of their daughter
Joy Anne
Lesley Morris
As they speak their vows and are joined in marriage
On Saturday, the thirtieth of March
Two thousand and nineteen
At five in the afternoon
Saint Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church
20 Cardinal Hayes Place, New York, New York”

Basically your entire family contributed in some way to making your wedding happen, and you want to include that in the invite:

“Together with their families
Aya Asana
Samuel Riello
Joyfully invite you to celebrate their marriage
5pm, April 27, 2020
The Brooklyn Grange
Brooklyn, New York”

This engagement has lasted long enough and you are fully ready to throw all convention out the window:

“Yes, it’s really happening.
We’re getting married and would love for you to be there too!
Join us at Jonathan’s parents’ house on
12pm, September 7, 2019
123 Lakeville Road in Troy, New York”


Save the Dates

Save the Dates give everyone a heads-up about your upcoming nuptials, though you don’t need to worry about including every single detail. That’s what the invitation is for! Save the Dates are often sent out right after a venue is secured, 6-9 months before the celebration.

At minimum, your save the date should include:

  1. The names of who is getting married or the guests of honor (if the event is not a wedding)

  2. The event date, and

  3. The city your wedding will happen in.


“Please save the date of
January Fifteen, 2020
For the wedding of
René Zliber and Alex Kristoff
In Brooklyn, New York”


“Save the Date
Mabel Wertz and Sarah Filli
Vancouver, BC”

If you want to add a bit of extra personality to your save the date, we suggest adding a simple short phrase such as:

Cheers, friends! Save our Date!
We’re getting married! You’re getting invited.
Save the date--let’s celebrate!
Shine up your dancing shoes…
We’re getting hitched!
We’re tying the knot!



RSVPs are your ultimate wedding data collection tool. What do you need to know from your guests to make the last bits of wedding planning go as smoothly as possible? One of the stickiest issues in weddings is the number of guests and their plus ones--be sure to clearly address your invitations to make sure there is no confusion, and so larger families know whether or not their children are included in the invitation. Also, always include a ‘Reply By’ date of about 3 weeks before your wedding so you can send final headcounts to your vendors.

There is so much information you can ask for on an RSVP, so if you need to know something that isn’t covered by these examples, take a peek at our full length post on RSVPs.

Name(s) ________________________
Cheering you on in the audience ____ Cheering you on from afar  ____
Size of party _____
Dinner Selection Meat_____ Seafood_____      Vegetarian____
Please Reply by July 15

Give us the low-down!
Name(s): ________________________
Attending:   Yes____ No____ # of Guests: __________
Meal Choice:   Steak____ Fish____    Pasta____
Write us a love note:

Please return to 123 Lakeville Road in Troy, New York by May 15

Or, if you like, you can still use a RSVP card to tell people how to reply online through your wedding website. We love the combo of formally requesting RSVPs with a dedicated card plus the ease of collecting RSVPs online.

Use our wedding website,, to let us know if you will be joining us for our celebration by June 20!


Info Card

Info cards are basically the business end of an invitation suite--as wedding celebrations increasingly become multi-day affairs and guests arrive from out of town, there are many events and details you want to share to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Info cards go by a few names you might also be familiar with—enclosure card, reception card, attire card—in part because they have so many uses and variations.

What are some examples of things that might go on an info card?

  • Itinerary

  • Accommodations

  • Directions

  • Wedding website address

  • Reception location and transportation

  • Dress code

  • Adults-only wedding request

  • Registry information

  • Online RSVP address (often a wedding website)

Some examples:

Dinner and Dancing to follow a brief Ceremony
Formal attire please
We have reserved a block of rooms at
The William Vale Hotel
111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Call 718.631.8400 to inquire
Due to limited venue space, adults only please.

Get the facts:
Our ceremony will begin at 5:00pm
With a cocktail hour and reception to follow
At the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion
In Seattle WA
Cocktail attire
A post-wedding brunch will be held on
11:00am on Sunday June 16,
At the Golden Gardens Park Beach

Our ceremony will be held at
The Foxfire Mountain House
This is a bit out of the way for us highway-challenged Brooklynites, so here’s some advice on getting there:
After taking highway 87 out of the city follow it up to Kingston until changing to NY-28 W to Andrew Ln in Mount Tremper. The house is just off the highway.


Thank You Card

Don’t forget these bad boys or your family will never speak to you again, probably. These are a bit harder to give samples of because of the custom nature of each note, but here are our suggestions:

A solid thank-you note consists of three parts:

  • Appreciate your gifter for their presence at your wedding, first and foremost. Going straight to the thank-you-for-choosing-something-off-our-registry part of your message can have the adverse effect of feeling a little cold or business-like.

  • Compliment them on understanding your needs, your taste with their choice of gift, or even straightforward thanks in the spirit of whatever they gave you. You might say something along the lines of: “You’ve always been so thoughtful on birthdays and holidays, and I’m reminded again how much love I have in my life. Your gift helps us establish our new life together.”

  • Conclude with a wish, hope, or promise. As whimsical as that sounds, it really is a pleasant thing to read for the recipient of your thank you note, and helps wrap things up.

Whew! You made it! Hopefully you find this post helpful as you navigate putting together your event stationery. We’ve linked the full length posts in each section for you if you are ready to dive deeper. We’ve only begun  to scratch the surface here and we’ll continue writing posts with new wording tips - every event has different needs and considerations and we’ll be digging into more unique situations in the near future!

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