How to Write Your Info Card

Ephemora’s elegant Flor stationery suite, featuring floral photography and gentle shadows.

Weddings are full of moving parts that need to be conveyed to guests, and sometimes your minimalist, modern wedding invite (Hands suite anyone?) just won’t hold all that info. Enter the info card, an adaptable little piece of paper that tells your guests what’s up.

Info cards go by a few names you might also be familiar with—enclosure card, reception card, attire card—in part because they have so many uses and variations. An info card is a great option if you are not using a wedding website or if you would really like to emphasize certain details. Some people opt to use multiple sets of Info cards to convey separate pieces of information, such as one card for accommodations and directions, and another as a rehearsal invitation for select guests.

What are some examples of things that might go on an info card?

Ephemora’s Ficus info card uses modern illustrations to accent your wedding details.

Ephemora’s Ficus info card uses modern illustrations to accent your wedding details.


Weddings are increasingly becoming multi-day affairs, especially now that many of us are inviting so many friends and family from out of town. We want to make it worth their travel so events like casual welcome parties and day-after brunches are becoming more popular. Use the info card to list out the locations and start times of events that you would like all guests to attend.

If you would like to formally invite certain guests to the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner, use an additional info card to list out the timing and location. Alternatively you might print an alternate set of info cards that includes all the standard info card details plus the rehearsal invite (ex. 25 guests receive a version with the rehearsal invite on the itinerary, and the other 100 only receive the standard itinerary).


If you have a special block of a hotel reserved, be sure to include the contact information for the hotel as well as identifying details so guests can be included in your negotiated price.

Reception Location

Are you getting married in a church or temple with the reception being held at your local metal bar? Be sure to include the location of the reception, as well as the start time after the ceremony so people know not to wander too far.

If you have arranged for transportation to and from the reception location, also include the pick-up location and time so that no guests are left behind.

The Flor info card keeps it simple and elevated for fine celebrations

The Flor info card keeps it simple and elevated for fine celebrations


For events in far-flung locations, written directions can be helpful even in the age of omnipresent Google maps. Include written directions for multiple approaches, such as for guests arriving from east or west.

Adults-only weddings

If you are having an adults-only wedding, it can be a bit of a sticky issue on how to tell your friends and family not to bring their children. Some advise that this information should only be shared by word of mouth, but we fully believe open and compassionate communication prevents hurt feelings. To avoid confusion, be clear on the envelope who is being invited (ie. Mx. Avery Gaskins and Mr. Mark Turner vs. Mx. Avery Gaskins and Mr. Mark and family) and if you are using one, include a note on the RSVP card that says “We have reserved X number of seats for you”. If you are worried some people might not get the message, you might as well just come right out and say it - you won’t be having kids at your event. This can be said in a variety of ways such as:

Please note this will be an adults-only celebration.

We respectfully request no children under [age] at the celebration.

Although we love your children, this is an adult-only affair.

Due to limited venue space, adults only please.

If you are able, it is kind to offer childcare at the venue or hotel to help all invited parents attend without having to worry about finding childcare for the night of the celebration.

Some other details that might be included on the detail card are registry information, dress code, the wedding website address, or details on how to RSVP if you have not used an RSVP card.

As always, consider what is necessary and useful for your event when deciding what to include on your info card - you don’t need to include absolutely every option we talked about here. Make it personal and relevant to your event, and we’ll help you make it beautiful!

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