A Very Serious Guide to Asking Your Pals to Join Your Wedding Entourage

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Memorable is key, right?

1. Texting or calling, let’s be direct!

2. Give a themed gift basket!

3. Punny invitations!

4. Invite your friends to a fun brunch, duh.

5. Board game night! Use an elaborate game of charades to ask for everyone’s participation.

Game night has never gone wrong, ever.

Game night has never gone wrong, ever.

6. Ask them in gif form.

7. Start assigning them wedding related assignments and links to tuxes and dresses - they’ll pick up on it right?

8. Make something as weird as a baby gender reveal party - show up at work with a confetti balloon! Give it a good pop - blue confetti means you don’t want them in the party, pink confetti means you do!

9. Call in a Postmates or Taskrabbit to do it for you #gigeconomy

10. Slip a note into the pockets of those jeans that have somehow, always fit everyone in your friend group and pass them on to the next friend in the gang.

11. Bake a cake with a hidden message inside - requires 1 week of prep work, probably.

Hidden inside, a recording whines, ‘Pleaaaaaaaase be my bridesmaid????’

Hidden inside, a recording whines, ‘Pleaaaaaaaase be my bridesmaid????’

12. Call your Dungeons and Dragons DM and INSIST he bake your request into the plot of your next game day

13. Lead them to your dragon hoard of trinkets that spark joy and friendship feelies. They’ll get it. Maybe hide the bubblegum statue you made of them 5 years ago though.

14. Competitive obstacle course - only the strongest survive. 

15. Spell it out for them in ancient runes at the bi-weekly coven meeting

16. Surprise them with a giant cutout of your faces, Ilana Glazer style, to profess your affection and beg for their assistance in your wedding planner fever dream


17. Hide a note in a handkerchief and tie it around their dog’s neck for a dapper look worthy of instagram. That dog’s gonna be your ring bearer anyway so it’s time to butter him and his owner up!

18. Get down on one knee when you walk past your town’s most touristy area and ask for their undying fealty with a candy ring, then kiss passionately. One or both must cry, there is no getting around this step.

19. Send a messenger raven to remind your pals it’s time to fulfill your 1st grade blood pact promising to be in your wedding party.

Real friends love messenger ravens

Real friends love messenger ravens

20. Lastly, make it totally official and send them a nice Ephemora card ;)


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