Everything You Need To Know About When to Order and Mail Wedding Invitations

Ephemora’s elegant Flor stationery suite, featuring floral photography and gentle shadows.

How much time do wedding invitations take? If you are early in your wedding planning process, it is likely you have started to think about stationery! However, with so many pieces to choose from, it can be a bit opaque about when to begin working with a stationer (like us, Ephemora!). Here we’ll break down a standard timeline for a full wedding stationery suite so you know exactly when to start the process.

7-10 months out

If you are opting for save the date cards, now is the time to start perusin’ and choosin’! Save the date cards are usually sent out about 6-9 months before your event to give your guests ample time to make travel and hotel arrangements. We have an entire post dedicated to how to write a save the date card if you need more information. Don’t bother with sending a save the date any earlier than 12 months before your event -- it raises the chance that your guests will lose your card or forget to make their plans. The design and printing process with Ephemora takes about 4 weeks for a save the date card, which includes collecting your information, designing, mailing you a printed proof, printing, and shipping.

Ephemora’s stationery is all limited edition, meaning each style is only used for 10 events before it is retired for good. This does mean there is a slight possibility that a card will sell out after you buy a save the date but before you buy the rest of your suite. To avoid this, you can buy your entire suite when you purchase your save the dates, and Ephemora will follow up with you a few months later to collect all the content for your remaining invitation suite pieces. Even if you don’t buy your entire suite at once, we’ll get in touch after your save the date order to let you know if we are running low on stock for the rest of your suite. 

6-7 months out

Whether you have created a save the date with us, or are just hopping right into your invitation suite, we recommend starting on your invites 6-7 months before your wedding. The production time on a full suite of cards with Ephemora is 4-6 weeks, once again including collecting your information, designing, mailing you a printed proof, printing, and shipping. We work directly with our clients to help them customize wording, colors, and the design of each of our suites to match their event. If wording seems daunts, check out our posts on writing your wedding stationery suite to learn what event information you need to have before your suite goes to print.

Ephemora offers semi-custom stationery in a variety of styles, fully customized and ready to mail to your guests in 4-6 weeks.

Ephemora offers semi-custom stationery in a variety of styles, fully customized and ready to mail to your guests in 4-6 weeks.

4-6 months out

By this time you will have received your invitations from Ephemora in one of our fun branded boxes (you snapped a picture for instagram right? #EPHEMORAwedding eyoo) and they are ready to be assembled. We love the idea of having a casual party for some of your friends or people involved in your wedding to stuff and address envelopes. Have some snacks, drinks, and put on some good tunes to get those invitations assembled in no time! Invitations are often sent about 4 months before a wedding, sometimes earlier if a Save the Date was not used.

1 month out

After sending your invitations, your guest list should have slowly rolled in over the course of the last few months. Be sure to include on your invitation, RSVP, or detail card when you need responses from guests so you can send final head counts to the venue and caterer at the proper time. Some folks will be slow to respond, so you might have to do a bit of legwork as your event approaches to track down those last RSVPs -- get a friend or family member’s help if the task feels overwhelming.

There are many moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding or large event, and the stationery can sometimes seem like just another to-do. The decision fatigue is real! One of the reasons Ephemora focuses on semi-custom stationery is that it saves our clients time and simplifies the decision making process. Our store is fully online so there is no down time or back and forth with a designer quoting and adjusting the project, and we can jump right into designing and customizing. We work one-on-one with our clients to guide them through the process, and hopefully this blog will simplify some questions for you as well.

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