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About Ephemora

We make genre-bending, semi-custom, limited edition stationery. We enjoy bright colors and playfulness, we value creativity, and we love love. We recognize that many people still don’t see themselves represented in modern wedding marketing, so we made designs that stray from the traditional. We take care in our marketing efforts to be inclusive, to feature diversity without tokenization, and to reflect those values in our designs. Everybody deserves love, and we’re so happy to help you celebrate yours.

Ephemora is based in Brooklyn, NY, and works on events nationwide. Our backgrounds include years in the eco-friendly printing industry, allowing us to offer unique insight and excellent results to our customers.


About Natalie and Molly

Who makes up Ephemora? It’s Natalie and Molly!

Natalie is a color-loving editorial illustrator and branding designer for the hospitality and events industries. She has a background in agency work and now lives the freedom-loving life of a freelancer while she works on Ephemora.

Molly is a branding and packaging designer with a background in printing. She is the founder of Brooklyn-based design studio Knockout! which specializes in the food and beverage industries, and she has been independently designing wedding suites since 2012.

We met when Natalie interviewed to work with Molly on design at Brooklyn Brewery. We’re channeling our creative energies into a field we’ve both always loved to play in: wedding stationery. We see each other more than almost anyone else in our lives, and we text basically all day. The work is certainly exhausting, but we’re really excited to be able to offer a product that reflects tastes beyond the traditional and that celebrates love in all its forms.